Wound Healing is Our Passion

Located in Jalan Pahang, our clinic is run by qualified healthcare professionals with a focus on wound care. We are on a mission to save limbs and save lives.

We have a passion for treating hard-to-heal wounds. Our clinical staff bring more than 40 years of wound care expertise to you. We love seeing the transformation and positive results after our patients heal. We think everyone deserves the best and most innovative care.

Why Choose Us

Clinicians focused on wound care 

Our clinicians identify your best treatment options.

Convenient home care options available.

Save time with telemedicine and video conferencing.

Our Mission

We are here to restore hope to patients with chronic wounds. We save limbs and save lives using intelligent technology, innovative therapies and a team of dedicated professionals.

Come Visit Us

Call us to get your wound assessed and a treatment plan organised.

We will create a solution for you taking into account the condition of the wound, affordability, and your mobility. We want to help you heal.



  • “I wholeheartedly recommend Klinik Inocare
    for anyone suffering from painful and
    seemingly untreatable wounds.”

    Mike Selva
    March 2022
  • “5-star clinic for wound care & healing.”

    Sarsindran Manoharan
    February 2022
  • “At Klinik Inocare we saw immediate positive changes.”

    Moses Devanayagam
    February 2022
  • “Very, very good doctors & nurses.”

    Aishah Abddul
    January 2022
  • “You know everything will be okay because everyone in the clinic cares!”

    Ganesh K Panadam
    February 2022
  • “Highly recommended this wound care clinic.”

    Jayu Guru
    March 2022

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